Care well and in ways that advance the mission of the Church

Throughout the Bible there are passages and parables that specify what care entails and love requires. Our acclaimed Faith Fundamentals training (10-part series) delves into the Scriptures, unpacks the stories, and highlights core biblical principles that are:

  • Foundational to the Christian faith
  • Applicable to all caring relationships

Caring may be the ultimate discipleship opportunity as it is often during times of trouble that people are most open and eager to experience the love of Christ and place their trust in Him. Church, we were made for times such as these.

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TESTIMONIAL:  Your training guides are so practical, so biblical, and so understandable. We love the way the material is organized, the strong biblical approach, and the continual emphasis on discipleship.

Our Training & Resources

Our training is presented in five modules. Each of the first ten lessons includes a training guide, leader tool (aka, facilitator guide), and other support resources (e.g., additional care insights, an Inspire video, links to YouTube videos). The charts below provide a snapshot of the modules and lessons.  

Module #1

The first lesson helps people reimagine care based on a biblical narrative and distinguish between secular expression of care and those that are distinctly Christian.

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Module #2

These three lessons focus on reframing care and shoring up God’s plan of care from a theological construct.

Module #3

These three lessons focus on retooling the ways people show compassion and establishing new competencies.

Module #4

These three lessons concentrate on reinforcing key spiritual disciplines and bolstering people’s confidence to flex their spiritual muscles.

Module #5

These two training guides supplement the Faith Fundamentals series and share information and insights specific to the care setting. NOTE: Rather than devoting class time to discussing these lessons, once people complete the first four Modules, you might share the Module #5 training guides and ask folks to contact you with questions.

TESTIMONIAL: “While I always thought I was a caring person, I now realize that I have been doing more to satisfy my own curiosity than to show compassion to others. I was deceived into thinking that being friendly was caring. It’s not – it’s superficial and inconsiderate. You have helped us grasp core Biblical principles and caring concepts. We are grateful for your support and your training is amazing!

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  • Care Insights: The Sheep and the Goats

Accessing our training resources

When a church subscribes, we provide access to our training materials in a digital format (e.g., pdf files, links to videos). Sharing our resources in an electronic format provides you immediate access to the material, and eliminates shipping costs and the need to pre-order and inventory materials. Plus, there is no hidden fees, or up-charges. 

Best-practice adult learning techniques

In regards to implementing the training at your church, we advocate a best-practice approach to adult learning known as the 'flipped classroom' which foregoes lecture and fosters interaction. It is where, before participating in a class, people read an assigned training guide and are exposed to the material and concepts. By doing so, class time can be devoted to assimilating knowledge through discussion, elaboration, and experiential learning.