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Each of the ten Faith Fundamentals lessons includes a training guide, leader tool (aka, facilitator guide), and other support resources (e.g., Care Insights, Inspire videos, links to inspiring YouTube videos).

We provide digital access to our training and other resources (e.g., pdf files, links to videos). Sharing our resources in an electronic format provides you immediate access to the material, and eliminates shipping costs and the need to order and inventory materials.

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TESTIMONIAL: Having personally suffered a significant loss, I could write a book on all things people do and say that are more hurtful than helpful! Caring is about loving one another, not simply following lists of things "to do" and what not to say. Whether a pastor, church leader, or member of a congregation, EVERY Christian really needs to know and understand the biblical teachings and embrace the core biblical principles included in your Faith Fundamentals training series!

Training Modules & Lessons


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Reimagining Care

"What you see is what they get." The first lesson helps people reimagine care based on a biblical narrative and distinguish between secular expression of care and those that are distinctly Christian.

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Reframing Care

"What you see is what you get." Understanding the purspoe of trials and what it means to love as Jesus loved changes everything. These three lessons focus on reframing care and shoring up God’s plan of care from a theological construct.

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Retooling People

"What you know is what you do." To foster deeper connections and genuine caring relationships, it helps to be intentional. These three lessons focus on retooling people by establishing new competencies to care in ways that show genuine compassion. 

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Reinforcing Spiritual Disciplines

"What you believe is how you care." As believers and followers of Jesus, let's make sure we are turning to and trusting is Him. These three lessons concentrate on reinforcing key spiritual disciplines and bolstering people’s confidence to flex their spiritual muscles.

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Setting Specific Considerations

These two training guides supplement the Faith Fundamentals series and share information and insights specific to the care setting. 

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