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Tools for Ministry Leaders

In addition to our training guides, we offer leader tools which include:

  • Exercises and surveys to help assess people's attitudes and beliefs
  • Ideas and illustrations to support your implementation efforts 
  • Facilitator guides and PowerPoint slides to support training classes
  • Resources to support continuing education and inform sermons  

Flexibility and Clarity

Knowing that the challenges, needs, and opportunities are different at every church, our Tools are designed to provide both structure and flexibility. For example, we encourage and enable ministry leaders to:

  • Assess your current caring efforts
  • Be clear about your purpose and desired impact
  • Consider coverage and training priorities
  • Establish clear standards and expectations

As the arrows icon suggests, there are different directions you can go with your caring ministry. As such, we encourage ministry leaders to put their own spin on the training, emphasize the points you believe are most important, and share personal stories to enhance the lessons. 

As the lightbulb icon suggests, to further illuminate the core principles, we offer insights and ideas that help reinforce and elaborate on the lessons. These resources can also help inform and support sermons.  

TESTIMONIAL: Though busy, we were wandering aimlessly and spread way too thin. You provided the structure and support we so desperately needed, and your resources stimulated many long-overdue conversations. You helped us become realistic and focused. Thanks to your training and coaching, our caring ministry is enjoying a new level of energy and greater substance.

Perspective and Purpose

Over and above the videos we offer to support the individual lessons, we offer resources that highlight and reinforce the purpose of caring ministry. For example, our Care Ministry Webinar (1 hr.) offers a fresh perspective and highlights the importance of discipling. Also, the following nine-minute videos serve to inform and inspire.