Support Services

We are committed to:

  1. Guiding you through the implementation process
  2. Ensuring you meet your goals and objectives
  3. Helping you expand your efforts over time

TESTIMONIAL: "Your resources are outstanding, and the support we receive from your 'check-in/coaching' calls has been most encouraging and enlightening! Being able to bat around ideas and address our specific needs has enabled us to take our caring ministry to a whole new level. Your tools, training, and coaching have made all the difference!"

On-Boarding Process

Upon receipt of your Care Partner Application/Agreement, we schedule a one-hour orientation phone call and provide you with electronic access to our tools and training. The purpose of the call is four-fold:

  1. To discuss your aspirations, challenges, and needs
  2. To familiarize you with our ShareFile drive and resources
  3. To share insights and help you layout a short-term plan
  4. To offer suggestions and help you get off to a great start

Prior to the call, we'll email a copy of our On-Boarding Guide.  

On-Going Support

In addition to our initial On-Boarding call, we provide on-going support and 'coaching' over the phone. The calls provide the opportunity to review and discuss your progress, answer questions, process ideas, and address issues that arise and cause people to get stuck. While we encourage Care Partner churches to schedule monthly calls, the frequency of calls is up to you. Support is also available on an as needed basis via phone or email.

We strive to respond to all support requests within 24 hours (standard business days).