For years I have heard stories about God moving in miraculous ways. Sometimes the stories sounded too good to be true. Other times it seemed the stories had been embellished with each telling. In 2013, my oldest daughter went on a mission trip to Nepal and India. When she returned home and told me about all that she had personally experienced and witnessed, my belief and prayers were forever changed. SEE VIDEO BELOW.

One of the stories she shared was about a man whose arm was broken. She said she could physically see the broken bone. One of the guys in her group led a prayer for the man and asked how his arm felt after a minute or two. His arm was completely healed. She said, "Dad, I saw the broken bone with my own eyes, and minutes later, the bone was restored, and his arm was completely functional."

It is comparatively easy to pray for successful surgeries and restoration of health when the desired outcome is highly probable due to the advances of modern medicine. Praying for a miracle, however, tends to be a different story. It seems people often talk about God moving in a mighty and powerful way, but they don't expect a miracle to occur. Moreover, some people are reluctant to pray for a miracle because they don't want to get someone's hopes up or have some doubts.

While many medical conditions can be treated (e.g., diabetes, high blood pressure) with medication regimens, not everyone is healed. Those who are healed often attribute their healing to lifestyle changes (e.g., diet, exercise, weight loss). Hoping is one thing. Praying and believing is another. Do your prayers reflect wishful thinking or your trust in the Lord? Numerous times in the Scriptures, when Jesus healed, He spoke about people's faith (e.g., Matthew 9:2, 22, 29).