Optimal Conditions for Growth

If you asked people within your congregation about the times when they experienced their most spiritual growth, what do you think they would say? Regardless of their specific situations and struggles, people regularly indicate difficult life circumstances are what sparked and ignited their faith.

A beautiful example of coming alive resulted from a storm that hit Death Valley in California. Considered by many to be the hottest and driest place in America, due to an El Niño storm in the winter of 2004/05, Death Valley received an unprecedented seven inches of rain. Then, in the spring, when flowers began appearing, it became apparent that an area which had been considered dead was only dormant.

The Word of God frequently takes root in people’s hearts and begins to blossom when there is heighten awareness of our need for God and our brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though difficult situations and struggles are seldom pleasant, they are often optimal times for discipling people and experiencing spiritual growth.


Death Valley before (top) and after the storm (bottom).


Caring for one another is vital as people facing life’s storms often feel anxious, discouraged, and depleted. While the relationship that we have with the Lord is a personal responsibility (Philippians 2:12), our circumstances and challenges are often more than we alone can handle. Without the spiritual encouragement and emotional support, many lack the response-ability to quiet their minds, pray earnestly, discern the voice of God, and experience the love and power of Jesus.

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