Charles Puchta

Charles Puchta (pronounced Puck-ta) has devoted his life to equipping and emboldening church leaders and churchgoers to love and care about others in ways that advocate discipling and the advancement of core biblical principles. As a devoted follower of Jesus who is master's prepared in both business and health education, Puchta brings a unique combination of passion, perspective, and process that helps churches to harness opportunities to love and care about people (Matthew 22:39, 28:20).

Puchta specializes in designing curriculum and developing educational materials. His distinctive gift is his ability to take complex subject matter, distill it, and communicate it in a way that makes sense to the audience. He has a proven track record that is summed up nicely in the following testimonial: "You have masterfully presented practical, biblical, and actionable information about a very complex subject."

He is the former director of the Center for Aging with Dignity at the University of Cincinnati College of Nursing (May 2005 - January 2015). The Center was devoted to keeping people "SAFE After 60" by advocating for, advancing and developing best-practices programs on the safety and mistreatment of older adults.