Care well and in ways that impact lives for Christ.

If we love, we care. The two are inseparable. Care Ministry is devoted to equipping and emboldening people within local churches to love and care about others in ways that make a meaningful and lasting difference. 

We provide the biblically-based training churches need to equip ministry leaders, care team members, and congregations to express care in ways that closely align with Scripture and the mission of the church.

Equipping Growing Impacting

TESTIMONIAL: For years we assumed we were doing a good job of loving and caring for people. You have opened our eyes and exposed us to a whole new world. Your training guides and tools for ministry leaders are excellent! Realizing the biblical-basis and core principles of caring changes everything. 

What sets your church apart as a caring Christian community?

Care Ministry is devoted to helping churches:   

  • Embrace a biblically-based discipling model of care
  • Establish and/or expand a caring ministry
  • Equip care teams and others with biblical training
  • Eliminate the awkwardness that is inherent to caring
  • Enact a culture that is more relational and less programmatic

TESTIMONIAL: Your training guides are so practical, so biblical, and so understandable. We love the way the material is organized, the strong biblical approach, and the continual emphasis on discipleship.

It's not that people don't care; it's they don't know how to care.

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Care Framework and Fundamentals

Jesus commands us to love. To help distinguish between acts of kindness and expressions of love, you might think of our ministry framework triangle like an iceberg. The metaphor is to suggest that what’s visible above the water line, is not per se representative of what’s going on below the surface. Therefore, when we see only that which is apparent and others freely disclose, seldom does the concern and compassion we convey take into account deeper concerns or reflect the love of Jesus. To learn more get your FREE copy of our Caring Fundamentals eBook (12 pages).