If we love, we care. The two are inseparable.

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Despite the popularity of an issue-oriented and programmatic approach to caring ministry, the Bible presents a model of care that is entirely different. Care Ministry is devoted to equipping and emboldening people within local churches to love and care about others in ways that closely align with Scripture and the mission of the Church.

We provide the ministry framework and biblical training materials churches need to: 

  • Establish or expand and repurpose their care ministry
  • Eliminate the awkwardness that is inherent to caring
  • Embrace a biblically-based discipling model of care
  • Equip church leaders, care teams and others to care well
  • Enact a culture that is more relational and less programmatic  

TESTIMONIAL: For years, we assumed we were doing a good job of loving and caring for people. You have opened our eyes and exposed us to a whole new world. Your training guides and tools for ministry leaders are excellent! Realizing the biblical-basis and core principles of caring changes everything.

What sets your church apart as a caring Christian community?

Though most believers genuinely want to love and care about others, they don't know how. As such, despite good intentions, people regularly do and say things that come across as uncaring. 

Without fundamental biblical training, people naturally default to interjecting their opinion, sharing platitudes and caring as the world cares. We can help!

Throughout the Bible, there are passages and parables that specify in detail what care entails, and love requires. Our acclaimed training materials delve into the Scriptures, unpack the stories, and underscore core biblical principles that are foundational to the Christian faith and all caring relationships. 

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TESTIMONIAL: Your training guides are so practical, so biblical, and so understandable. We love the way the material is organized, the strong biblical approach, and the continual emphasis on discipleship.

Love and care _______ one another.

When trying to decipher Jesus' command to love people in the context of care, since it does not make sense to say “care one another,” to make the phrase grammatically correct, people subconsciously add either the word for (‘Care for one another’) or about (‘Care about one another’). Could it be that adding the word for, instead of about, dilutes Jesus’ command and causes believers to miss the point of loving people?

To help distinguish between acts of kindness and expressions of love, you might think of our ministry framework (See Triangle) like an iceberg. The iceberg metaphor is to suggest that what’s visible above the waterline, is not per se representative of what’s going on below the surface. Therefore, when we see only that which is apparent and others freely disclose, seldom does the concern and compassion we convey take into account deeper concerns or reflect the love of Jesus.

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TESTIMONIAL: “While I always thought I was a caring person, I now realize that I have been doing more to satisfy my own curiosity than to show compassion to others. I was deceived into thinking that being friendly was caring. It’s not – it’s superficial and inconsiderate. You have helped us grasp core Biblical principles and caring concepts. We are grateful for your support, and your training is amazing!

Caring is quite possibly the ultimate discipling opportunity