Care Training

"My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you" (John 15:12)

Our Fundamentals Training Series

Throughout the Bible there are passages and parables that specify what care entails and love requires. Our fundamentals training series delves into the Scriptures, unpacks the stories, and highlights core biblical principles that are foundational to the Christian faith. Each of the nine lessons in the series is founded and grounded in Scripture and applicable regardless of the situations and struggles others might be facing. 

"What we see is what we get"  

Though the Scriptures lay out God's plan for caring, it's easy to miss that for which we are not looking. Plus, we are naturally jaded by our personal experiences and the world view of care. Though Jesus commands us to love people, when we associate caring with pastor visits and programs, then that's literally what people get. Likewise, if physical health and material wellness are the indicator that people are "good," it's natural to forgo deeper conversations and overlook the fact that many people are facing difficult circumstances and carrying heavy burdens. 

Lessons 1, 2 & 3 focus on reframing care from a biblical narrative and shoring up the theological construct. 

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"What we know is what we do"

There's a saying that when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. While Jesus commands us to love people, our natural human tendency is to hammer away on the problem and try to "fix-it. To care in ways that align with Scripture, we have to learn and embrace biblical teachings that are foundational to forging loving relationships. 

Lessons 4, 5 & 6 focus on retooling how we care and help to establish key capabilities. 

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"What you believe is how you care"

Regardless of how far along people are in their faith journey, it's natural to worry and doubt. As the church and the body of Christ, let's love and care well and in ways that encourage people to place their trust and find their hope in Jesus. Let's resolve to embrace Colossians 2:1-15 and heed the warning found in Hebrews 3:12-14. 

Lessons 7, 8 & 9 focus on reinforcing key spiritual disciplines and bolster people’s confidence.

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Best-practice adult learning techniques

In regards to implementing the training at your church, we advocate a best-practice approach to adult learning known as the 'flipped classroom' which foregoes lecture and fosters interaction. It is where, before participating in a class, people read an assigned training guide and are exposed to the material and concepts. By doing so, class time can be devoted to assimilating knowledge through discussion, elaboration, and experiential learning.

Additional training includes:

Inspiring Faith and Hope

Chances are we have all been in situations in which we wonder if anything we do or say will make a difference. In this training, we focus on faith and hope. Based on a quadrant model, we share key insights to help people distinguish when and how to extend care in ways to help bolster faith or to encourage them to find their hope in Jesus. Click HERE to watch our video that explains our Faith Hope Model. 

Making Hospital Visits

For people who are making hospital visits, there is a lot to understand and consider. From navigating the environment to respecting a patient's dignity, and more, this training provides essential information and insights that Christians need to know.

Making Residential Visits 

While we have all been in people’s homes, there is something quite different about visiting someone who is homebound. In this training, we share key information and insights to help ensure that Christians respect boundaries, respond appropriately to unexpected situations, and provide meaningful spiritual encouragement. 

Complete and submit the Free Preview form for immediate access to our Growing Through Adversity and Loving People training guides. 

Accessing the Training Guides and Leader Tools

The materials associated with each module are available for download by authorized representatives of Care Partner churches. By offering our Training and Tools and an electronic format, we are able to make updates that reflect Care Partner suggestions, and we eliminate the need to pre-order and inventory materials. Subscribers may share our Training materials with people directly affiliated with their church in either print or electronic format.

TESTIMONIAL: "Though busy, we were wandering aimlessly and spread way too thin. You provided the structure and support we so desperately needed, and your resources stimulated many long-overdue conversations. You helped us become realistic and focused. Thanks to your training and coaching, our caring ministry is enjoying a new level of energy and greater substance."

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Tools for Ministry Leaders

In addition to our training guides, we offer leader tools which include implementation considerations, PowerPoint slides, videos, and resources designed to support sermons and supplement the training. As the arrows icon suggests, there are different directions you can go with your caring ministry. Also, as the lightbulb icon suggests, to further illuminate the core principles, we offer resources that elaborate on and help illustrate the lessons.    

Knowing that the challenges, needs, and opportunities are different at every church, our Tools are designed to provide both structure and flexibility. For example, we encourage and equip ministry leaders to: 1.) Assess their current caring efforts, 2.) Be clear about your purpose and desired impact, 3.) Consider coverage and training priorities, and 4.) Establish clear standards and expectations.   

We also offer complimentary videos to stimulate thinking.   

  • AHA Moments (9 min) - It's easy to get in the rut of looking at things from a familiar perspective. This video is intended to inspire people to think outside of the box. 
  • Church, Why Do We Exist? (9 min.) - Often we become so busy and so consumed with appears to be urgent matters that we can lose our focus. This video is intended to be a reminder of what matters most.
  • Care Ministry Webinar (1 hr.) - We offer a fresh perspective on caring ministry and highlight the importance of discipling.

Support Services

On-Boarding Process - Upon receipt of your Care Partner Application/Agreement, we schedule a one-hour call and provide you with electronic access to our tools and training. The purpose of the call is four-fold:

  1. To discuss your aspirations, challenges, and needs.
  2. To familiarize you with our ShareFile drive and care resources.
  3. To share insights and help you layout short-term plan.
  4. To offer suggestions and help you get off to a great start.

On-Going Support - We are committed to guiding you through the implementation process, ensuring you meet your goals and objectives, and helping you expand your effort over time. In addition to our initial On-Boarding call, we provide on-going support and 'coaching' over the phone. The calls provide the opportunity to review and discuss your progress, answer questions, process ideas, and address issues that arise and cause people to get stuck. While we encourage Care Partner churches to schedule monthly calls, the frequency of calls is up to you. Support is also available on an as needed basis via phone or email. Care Ministry strives to respond to all support requests within 24 hours (standard business days).

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