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Our training modules include:

  • A Training Guide
  • Facilitator Outline
  • PowerPoint Slides
  • Introductory Video
  • Follow-up Emails
  • And more!

Exercises, surveys, and links to YouTube videos may also be included. Authorized representatives of Care Partner churches can download the training materials associated with each module from our share drive. Click Log-In to access the drive. 

T1. Caring Fundamentals Series
This nine-part series covers the fundamentals that Christians need to develop their skills, overcome their natural tendencies, grow in proficiency, and care well. Each training guide is grounded in Scripture and highlights a core biblical principle, caring considerations, and key tips and takeaways.

  • CF1. Growing thru Adversity 
  • CF2. Loving People
  • CF3. Being Attentive
  • CF4. Expressing Concern
  • CF5. Listening Well
  • CF6. Asking Questions
  • CF7. Sharing Scripture
  • CF8. Experiencing Prayer
  • CF9. Discipling People


T2. Inspiring Faith and Hope 
Chances are we have all been in situations in which we wonder if anything we do or say will make a difference. In this training, we focus on faith and hope. Based on a quadrant model, we share key insights to help people distinguish when and how to extend care in ways to help bolster faith or to encourage them to find their hope in Jesus.

T3. Making Hospital Visits 
For people who are making hospital visits, there is a lot to understand and consider. From navigating the environment to respecting a patient's dignity, and more, this training provides essential information and insights that Christians need to know.

T4. Making Residential Visits 
While we have all been in people’s homes, there is something quite different about visiting someone who is homebound. In this training, we share key information and insights to help ensure that Christians respect boundaries, respond appropriately to unexpected situations, and provide meaningful spiritual encouragement.

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