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As the icon suggests, there are different directions you can go with your caring ministry. Knowing that the challenges, needs, and opportunities are different at every church, our Tools for Ministry Leaders are designed to provide both structure and flexibility. We are committed to helping you and your church love and care for people in ways that align with Scripture and the mission of your church. While some churches want to start right away with the training, we encourage ministry leaders to start by:

  • Assessing their current caring efforts 
  • Giving caring ministry a fresh look
  • Realizing the benefits a discipling model of care offers
  • Being clear about your purpose and desired impact
  • Considering coverage and training priorities
  • Establishing clear standards and expectations

TESTIMONIAL: "Though busy, we were wandering aimlessly and spread way too thin. You provided the structure and support we so desperately needed, and your resources stimulated many long-overdue conversations. You helped us become realistic and focused. Thanks to your training and coaching, our caring ministry is enjoying a new level of energy and greater substance."

To maximize the value and minimize the cost..

We provide 24x7 electronic access to our resources via our ShareFile drive. Delivering our tools and training guides over the Internet enables churches to:

  • Access new resources and the most-up-to-date versions.    
  • Print the materials and quantities you need, when you need them.
  • Share electronic copies of our tools and training via email. 

We connect with the liaisons at our Care Partner churches over the phone - or via FaceTime or Skype if you prefer. From our initial On-Boarding call and scheduled coaching calls to providing on-going support, we are committed to providing personalized and one-on-one support. Moreover, connecting from a remote location eliminates what is often a significant upfront cost for travel and to attend training.

You'll find our resources are user-friendly and pretty much self-explanatory. If you haven't already requested a FREE Preview, please do so and see for yourself. 

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Getting Started

The tools and support we provide help ministry leaders address the issues we find to be critical to success (See circle diagram). Depending on the amount of due diligence and time you wish to devote, these steps may take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

While the choice is yours, we find that spending a bit more upfront time planning tends to save considerable time down the road. Either way, as part of our On-Boarding process and On-Going support, we are here to offer insights, provide direction, discuss the merits of different options, and offer an objective opinion based on what we find works best. 

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On-Boarding Process

Upon receipt of a completed Care Partner Application/Agreement, we schedule a one-hour On-Boarding call and provide you with electronic access to our tools and training. The purpose of the call is four-fold:

  1. To discuss your aspirations, challenges, and needs.
  2. To familiarize you to our ShareFile drive and care resources.
  3. To share insights and help you layout short-term plan.
  4. To offer suggestions and help you get off to a great start.

On-Going Support

We are committed to guiding you through the implementation process, ensuring you meet your goals and objectives, and helping you expand your effort over time. Coaching calls provide the  opportunity:  

  • To review and discuss your progress
  • To answer questions and discuss opportunities
  • To address issues that arise and cause people to get stuck 
  • To process ideas and gain an objective opinion
  • To challenge the status quo and receive encouragement

In addition to scheduled calls that we initiate, we always welcome your calls and emails and do our best to respond to requests within 24 hours. 

Tools for Ministry Leaders

The following is a summary of the various tools we offer. As part of our On-Boarding and On-Going Support, we suggest which tools to focus on, the purpose of doing so, and in what order. The sequence of steps in the planning process is similar for most churches. However, when it comes to the training, it tends to vary who is initially invited to participate and how quickly churches conduct training sessions and work through the individual lessons. We welcome to chance to share insights and recommendations based on our experience working with other churches.

L1. Getting Started

This tool features simple exercises and surveys to help you assess your current efforts, gain helpful perspectives, and identify training needs. Working through the suggested steps is a great way to get started and to generate enthusiasm and support for caring ministry.

L2. Clarifying Your Purpose

This tool guides you through a process to give consideration and be clear about the type of encouragement and support you provide, the benefits of engaging, and what people should expect. We find this to be one of the most important steps.

L3. Instituting Guidelines

To be clear about expectations, consistently achieve standards, and ensure safety, it is wise to establish and adhere to fundamental guidelines. A great time to begin considering your processes is once you begin conducting your first round of training. This tool highlights issues to consider and includes sample Guidelines you can customize. 

L4. Implementing the Training

This tool is designed to help our Care Partners focus their training efforts. We provide ideas and suggestions to help you determine who initially to train and to help you establish your plan for sharing the training (e.g., duration and frequency of training sessions).

Facilitator Guides

We offer Facilitator Guides that correspond to each module of the Caring Fundamental Series. The information and suggestions we share are organized sequentially in the following sections:

  1. Consideration – Resources to help in the planning and preparation process
  2. Dissemination – Tips to help maximize the class time and participation
  3. Presentation – Suggestions on reviewing the material, fostering discussion, and supporting follow-up


In addition to our Inspire Videos that complement each of the Caring Fundamentals lessons, we encourage ministry leaders to invest the time to watch the following videos.

Care Ministry Webinar (1 hr).

The webinar entitled CARE: Quite Possibly the Ultimate Ministry Opportunity offers a fresh perspective on caring ministry and highlights the importance of discipling

AHA Moments (9 min.)

It's easy to get in the rut of looking at things from a familiar perspective and embracing the mentality "we've always done it that way. This video is intended to inspire people to think outside of the box and be open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Church, why do we exist? (9 min.)

Often times we become so busy and so consumed with appears to be urgent matters that we can lose our focus. This video is intended to be a reminder of what matters most. All too often it seems as though activities and opportunities become distractions and divert us from our primary mission. 


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