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Our Tools for Ministry Leaders guide you through a process and draw your attention to the issues that are critical to consider and vital to the success of a caring ministry. 


Our Care Ministry Training covers the fundamentals Christian need to know and understanding to care well. Without fundamental training. Christians do and say whatever they think is best. (See Isaiah 55:8) 

TESTIMONIAL: "Your resources and step-by-step approach have opened our eyes and empowered us to evaluate our current efforts and align caring with the mission of our church. You made what appeared to be an ominous process simple and straightforward. Having the right tools and training has made all the difference."

TESTIMONIAL: Exceptional and affordable! 


We offer extensive On-Boarding and on-going Support! We are committed to focusing on your needs and aspirations, guiding you through the implementation process, and helping you expand your effort over time. Knowing that every church is different, we personalize the process and keep in touch through monthly coaching calls. The purpose of the calls is: 

  • To review progress, answer questions, and address issues and needs. 
  • To discuss opportunities, process ideas, and provide an objective opinion
  • To challenge the status quo and offer spiritual encouragement

In addition to scheduled calls that we initiate, we always welcome your calls and emails.

Pricing & Next Step

There's a one-time charge of $99 plus a nominal monthly fee. Take the next step, click on the button and we'll send you a copy of our Care Partner Agreement which includes pricing.

Faith Matters. Care Well. 

Kingdom Care

Our Kingdom Care framework (see triangle diagram) is designed to inform church leaders and highlight the importance of caring well and in ways that align with Jesus' teachings and the mission of the church.

Our FREE Kingdom Care Report explores the different expressions of care, offers tips, and distinguishes between different types and levels of care. The information contained in the Report can help church leaders identify gaps and opportunities to educate and equip Christians to care well. Let's resolve to care well and in ways that align with the mission of the church.

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"The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love" (Galatians 5:6b).

TESTIMONIAL: Thanks for all you do. I LOVE the training materials. You have challenged our paradigms on many fronts, and I am so thankful to be part of this ministry. We will be rolling out the caring ministry to our church in full this fall. (Excerpt from an email rcv’d 6/28/17 from a Care Partner church in the Midwest with over 3,000 weekly worshippers)