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Training Guides


T1. Caring Fundamentals Series  (v1.1)
This nine-part series covers the fundamentals that Christians need to develop their skills, overcome their natural tendencies, grow in proficiency, and care well. Each training guide is grounded in Scripture and highlights a core biblical principle, caring considerations, and key tips and takeaways.

T2. Inspiring Faith and Hope   (v1.2)
Chances are we have all been in situations in which we wonder if anything we do or say will make a difference. In this training we focus on faith and hope. Based on a quadrant model, we share key insights to help people distinguish when and how to extend care in ways to help bolster faith, or to encourage them to find their hope in Jesus.

T3. Making Hospital Visits  (v1.2)
For people who are making hospital visits there is a lot to understand and consider. From navigating the environment to respecting a patient's dignity, and more, this training provides essential information and insights that people need to know.

T4. Making Residential Visits  (v1.2)
While we have all been in people’s homes, there is something quite different about visiting someone who is homebound. In this training, we share key information and insights to help ensure that people respect boundaries, respond appropriately to unexpected situations, and provide meaningful spiritual encouragement.

Tools for Ministry Leaders


L1. Getting Started  (v1.4) 
In this tool we offer various exercises, surveys, and suggestions to help assess the impact of your current efforts and maximize the value of our resources and coaching.

L2. Clarifying Your Purpose  (v1.5)   
“If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.” In this tool we guide you through a process to help you consider and clarify your purpose.

L3. Instituting Guidelines  (v1.1) 
To be clear about expectations, consistently achieve standards, and ensure safety, it is wise to establish and adhere to fundamental guidelines.

L4. Implementing the Training  (v1.3) 
To help Care Partners focus their efforts, this tool highlights factors that are wise to consider, includes a facilitators guide and outline for each lesson, and suggestions on who you might engage, equip, and empower.

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