Care Ministry


Saying we love people is easy, loving and caring for people isn't.

It's hard to know what to do, say, and pray when people are facing difficult life circumstances and challenges. We can help!

We provide the tools, training, and support that churches need to:

  • Establish a caring ministry or a care team
  • Expand or reenergize an existing caring ministry
  • Embrace a biblically-based discipling model of care
  • Equip and empower people to show compassion and share hope
  • Eliminate the awkwardness that is inherent to caring
  • Establish a culture that is more relational and less programmatic
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TESTIMONIAL: For years we 'assumed' we were doing a good job of caring for people. You have opened our eyes and exposed us to a whole new world. Realizing the biblical-basis and the core principles of caring changes everything. Your training guides and tools for ministry leaders are excellent!

Kingdom Care Framework

Care is an aspect of ministry for which there tends to be a lot of misunderstanding. Our Kingdom Care Framework and Caring Fundamentals training series are designed to enlighten, equip, and empower church leaders and church-goers to care well and in ways that align with Jesus' teachings and the mission of the church. Watch the brief video to learn more. 

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"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong. Do everything in love." - 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

TESTIMONIAL“While I always thought I was a caring person, I now realize that I have been doing more to satisfy my own curiosity than to show compassion to others. I was deceived into thinking that being friendly was caring. It’s not – it’s superficial and inconsiderate. You have helped us grasp core Biblical principles and caring concepts. We are grateful your support and your training is amazing! 

Caring is NOT intuitive.

Despite good intentions, Christians regularly do and say things that are inept and come across as insensitive. For many people that entails avoiding situations that are likely to be awkward and uncomfortable. For those who do engage, the human tendency is to: Fixate on people's problems, share platitudes, ask questions to satisfy our own curiosity, and give unsolicited advice in an attempt to "fit it" or make things better - none of which are loving or caring. To love and care for people in ways that are consistent with God's Word, church leaders and church-goes need fundamental biblically-based training that is grounded in Scripture. 

Maximize the impact of your efforts!

Don't waste precious time and resources diverting staff and trying to reinvent the wheel. We provide the tools, training and support you need so that you can focus on: "Equipping his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ." - Ephesians 4:12-13

TESTIMONIAL: Having personally suffered a significant loss, I could write a book on all things people do and say that are more hurtful than helpful! Caring is about loving one another, not simply following lists of things "to do" and what not to say. Whether a pastor, church leader, or member of a congregation, EVERY Christian really needs to know and understand the biblical teachings and embrace the core biblical principles included in your Caring Fundamentals training series!

Care may be the ultimate discipling opportunity!

Knowing that it is easier to trust God in the calm than  midst of the storm, it's no wonder the impact of ministry is often greatest when people are facing difficult life circumstances and challenges. Storms (aka, trials of many kinds) are significant as it is during times of trouble that people naturally cry out to God, examine their lives, question their beliefs, and are open and eager to experience the love of Christ.

We encourage Christians to think about care as discipling at times when the conditions are optimal for growth! After all...

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  • Jesus uses turbulent times to get our attention so that we might trust in Him alone. (See Matthew 8:23-27)
  • The purpose of trials is to reveal the extent of our faith and to mature and grow us spiritually. (See James 1:2-18)

TESTIMONIAL: Thanks for all you do. I LOVE the training materials. You have challenged our paradigms on many fronts, and I am so thankful to be part of this ministry.

Care Considerations

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