Month: April 2017

Creatures of Habit – The Easter Ham

It is fascinating to think of the many things we do without ever giving consideration as to why. As the following story points out, we often do the things we do for no other reason than it's the way we always have.

     As Donna was in the kitchen preparing the Easter ham, her husband asked, “Why do you always cut off the ends of the ham?”

     Donna paused for a moment and then responded, “That’s a good question. I’ve always cut off the ends of the ham because that’s the way my mother did it.”

Canned Ham

    With her curiosity peeked, Donna called her mother and asked why. Her mother replied with a similar sense of intrigue, “That’s the way my mother always did it.”

     Donna then called her grandmother, mentioned cutting off the ends of the ham and being perplexed as to why. Her grandmother broke out into laughter. Once she gained her composure, she answered, "Because the pan was too small." 

     Needless to say, Donna never cut off the ends of the ham again.

Caring ministry is not about tasks to be completed; rather it is about people to be loved. Similar to the ham story, church leaders often acknowledge that before joining our program, they had not given much consideration to caring ministry. Before you cut off the ends of the ham, take the time to reflect on what the Bible teaches us about caring for one another and what caring entails. Also, it may be wise to take time and explore the biblical basis of your current caring efforts.